A series of folios presenting design research by staff at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Bloom: Distributed Urban Game : Alisa Andrasek; José Sanchez;
Bloom: Distributed Urban Game
by Alisa Andrasek and José Sanchez

Bloom: Distributed Urban Game is an innovative urban intervention that engages people in social play and the culture of design. Conceptualised as an urban toy, it seeks to engage people in order to construct open-ended design formations using Bloom building cells. The designers constructed initial pavilions/follies at various sites to showcase the possibilities of the system. These acted as the main 'portals' of the game, inviting user interaction and participation. People were able to manipulate the cells, adding pieces to the initial structure to alter its form or 'seeding' entirely new ground sequences. New pieces were fed into this collective construction site depending on game intensity.

The participatory design process aims to bring phenomena of social networks and game culture to the physical environment at an urban scale. Bloom explores modes of assembly, disassembly and reusability that challenge the notions of traditional construction.

The project developed its research propositions through generative open design and a structure based on principles of redundancy and contemporary information systems. The research was developed through extensive material testing and prototyping, and realised in collaboration with a plastics manufacturer from Chile and structural engineers from Arup London

Bloom: Distributed Urban Game was commissioned as part of London's 2012 Olympic celebrations. It has been exhibited in London and Orléans, and presented in Stockholm, Barcelona, Los Angeles and New York.